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The owners of the restaurant Arirang, the Lim family, approached Ohlsonsmith when they were preparing to launch “Arirangbutiken" – the Arirang Deli and Shop.

Our challenge was to create a logotype and brand identity that had a clear connection to the Arirang restaurant, but would have a voice and identity of its own – and would be experienced as a new and independent brand.

“Arirangbutiken" sells Arirang’s homemade sauces, kimchi and other Korean specialities, as well as carefully selected products from Asia and the rest of the world. With both the restaurant Arirang and “Arirangbutiken,” the Limm family want to introduce and inspire interest in the Korean cuisine and promote interesting flavours and taste experiences.

As the products offered are “curated by Arirang,” we created a brushstroke to represent the concept, “Signed by Arirang” – and use it as a quality stamp throughout the entire identity programme. The shop is small and very personal, and we wanted the idea for the packaging and bags to reflect that. Everything is handwritten and the brown bags are painted with brushstrokes by the staff at Arirangbutiken – and have hangtags with the shop’s contact details. The core of the brand identity is “Signed by Arirang.”