Berghs Print

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Winner of Svenska Designpriset (The Swedish Design Award) 2012

"A magazine in a large, generous format that’s filled with great experiences. One of the world's most prominent advertising schools invites us to enjoy texts, photographs and graphics that inform, teach and, above all, vitalise us with the help of facts, reflections and analysis, seasoned with humor and playfulness." – Jury motivation

Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm is one of the world’s leading communication schools and has been named School of the Year at Cannes Lions in 2015, 2014, 2010 and 2009.

Ohlsonsmith were appointed to increase brand awareness for Berghs and its total offer of courses and programmes. Our solution was to develop a new brand carrier in the form of a theme-based magazine, published twice a year. This would enable us to promote Berghs and its educational offer in totally new ways. Berghs Print reflects, both visually and thematically, the Berghs School of Communication brand, where over 3,000 students are educated each year. In addition to the print version, the content of Berghs Print was also published digitally.

As a result of our work, Berghs was able to capture the position of thought leader – and become known as the first to explore new ideas and concepts and to generously share this knowledge with others.