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Cordial – The Business Transformation Company is a modern Swedish management advisory firm that helps businesses and organisations in Sweden and internationally. The Stockholm-based company has provided the services of senior advisers, created solutions for business models and architecture and offered executive educational programmes since 2001.

Ohlsonsmith were hired to work on a comprehensive rebrand of Cordial. After developing the new brand strategy together with our client, we created an emotional platform® to translate the changes proposed in the strategy into emotions and to interpret the strategy visually. This enabled Cordial to see and experience their future identity at an early stage — even before we started the actual design work.

One of the challenges when creating an identity for a management company like Cordial is the confidentiality surrounding the company’s own clients. To convey business development at the highest level without being able to cite successful cases or name brand-building clients makes the design even more critical as the primary conveyor of the brand identity.

It was exciting to do something new within this branch – to move from an identity created mainly by the written word to a vivid, direct and clear visual identity and visual language. To achieve this, we used the chosen brand typeface and other visual components in a bold and consistent manner at all touchpoints – print, digital, mobile, spatially and on products. The new identity was very well received by Cordial’s employees, as well as by the business executives who comprise their customer base.

The design for Cordial's digital presence is created in collaboration with Thinkable.