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Titanpriset is an award for creative, innovative communication that inspires people both within the communication industry and beyond. As criteria, the Titan award winner must have broken conventions and discovered new ways for companies and organisations to communicate. The award is presented annually at The Swedish Association of Communication Agencies’ Guldägget gala (The Golden Egg Award) in Stockholm.

Ohlsonsmith were approached to design the trophy for Titanpriset.

We wanted to create a trophy that would express the actual weight of thinking in new ways and being at the forefront – to suggest an emotional feeling similar to that of moving a mountain or balancing an idea on a thin edge, daring to take creative risks to do something completely new. We decided the trophy needed to be very different from the Golden Egg trophy, which is smooth and round – and chose a heavy metal cube that we treated with different textures on each side.

Holding this trophy is a physical reminder of the courage it takes to challenge norms and be an innovator.