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Com Hem is a communications company that delivers TV, telephony and high-speed internet access to Swedish homes and businesses. The company has 135+ TV channels available to its TV customers and is one of Sweden’s leading suppliers of broadband internet services.

Com Hem contacted Ohlsonsmith for our branding and expertise when they were about to take the step from solely broadcasting TV channels to launching their own TV channel – TV Com Hem – in 2012.

We started by working on the brand strategy together with our client and here it was decided to include both the name and logotype of the parent brand, Com Hem, in the logotype for the new channel. The TV Com Hem logotype is designed to make it easy to recognise the relationship with the parent brand by adapting the parent’s bold signals and colour boxes. In the TV Com Hem logotype, the colour boxes are connected in a band that gives a sense a motion, even when the logotype is not animated.