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VisitSweden is a communications company for the Swedish tourism industry. The company is jointly owned by the Swedish government and Svensk Tourism AB, which is the national organisation of Swedish tourism companies. VisitSweden’s mission is to market Sweden as a tourist destination and market the Sweden brand and image internationally.

When VisitSweden needed new, more imaginative ways to target the many nationwide members of Svensk Tourism AB in a large annual event they contacted Ohlsonsmith, as they had heard of our reputation for focusing on the emotional in our solutions. Working with Sweden’s unique values and position set forth in VisitSweden’s brand platform – Open, Authentic, Caring, Innovative and Progressive – we developed a concept and an overall theme for the event. The theme was communicated to all senses through slide presentations, specially composed music, performances, lectures, films, audiovisuals and even exclusively designed meals that reinforced the theme in flavours and style.

Our work set a new standard for the annual events held by VisitSweden. It led to several successful communication measures for specific target groups and gave a concrete increase in the number of contacts in select foreign markets. After the success of the initial event, Ohlsonsmith have been invited to work with additional events for VisitSweden over the years.