Visible Works

Brand identity
Logotype design
Design concept
Motion design
Brand identity guidelines
Brand implementation
Experience design
Web design

Visible Works is a Stockholm-based visual communication and production agency specialising in events, signs and decor. The company has extensive knowledge of materials, techniques and production methods and serves as a creative partner to clients, guiding them with confidence through the entire process.

Ohlsonsmith were asked to do a comprehensive rebrand of Visible Works. One of the biggest challenges we encountered was creating one singular identity that would accentuate the company’s three main offers and incorporate them into one. We also wanted the identity to be a visual inspiration and make people want to use the services Visible Works provides.

We decided on an identity with a strong expression that would emphasise the Visible Works name, and worked with the initials V and W as the main component and recognition factor. The logotype is made up of the initials together with the name Visible Works, and has been designed both in black and white and filled with images and patterns, to give an indication of the different materials and visual solutions that Visible Work can deliver to customers.

The rebranding included everything from concept, brand identity and logotype to guidelines and web design. And as a marketing activity, Ohlsonsmith invited several of Sweden’s best designers and agencies to interpret Visible Works and create images that will be printed on a series of posters and mailers.